To implement a Content Security Policy (CSP) nonce in the JavaScript code you provided, you need to modify both the HTML and JavaScript parts of your code. Here’s how you can do it:

HTML Part:

  • Add the nonce attribute to the <script> tag that includes your JavaScript code.
  • Generate a unique nonce value and assign it to the nonce attribute.
<script nonce="YOUR_UNIQUE_NONCE_VALUE">
// JavaScript code here

JavaScript Part:

  • Modify the href attribute of the <a> tag to include the generated nonce value.
<a href="javascript:Account.uitloggen();" nonce="YOUR_UNIQUE_NONCE_VALUE"><i>Stop</i></a>

By adding the nonce attribute to both the <script> tag and the <a> tag, you ensure that the JavaScript code in your href attribute will only execute if it matches the specified nonce value. This helps protect against cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks by allowing only trusted scripts to run.

Make sure to replace “YOUR_UNIQUE_NONCE_VALUE” with the actual nonce value you generate for each page load.